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Hi! I'm Olivia, the artist behind OCTceramics. I love to make things and I live in Houston, TX with my husband and two small kids.​

As an architect by training, I sought out the pottery wheel as an escape from straight lines, and I found a welcome retreat into organic, rounded forms that emerge from a lump of clay on the wheel. I fell in love with clay because of the humility it demands and the connection it creates to the earth and the hands that form it. I am fascinated by how that formed clay can also create its own decoration as it is dipped into colored liquid and records its intersection with the liquid plane.

After living for many years in Philadelphia and working in a community studio, I moved to Houston in 2017 and transitioned to making work in my own space. I make small batches of pottery designed for everyday life, and I love to engage with the wonderful community of potters here in town through Clay Houston.

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