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Puddle Planter

Puddle Planter

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$40.00Sale Price

No need for separate nursery pots or trays—this planter has an integrated drip tray. Plants can be grown directly in this pot, and with properly draining soil, watch the water flow from the drainage holes and puddle in the tray.


This planter is approximately 5" in diameter, the drip tray about 6" in diameter, and it is about 3" in height. It is glazed on the bottom with small feet to allow airflow underneath.


PLEASE NOTE: This planter is made of an earthenware or low-fire clay. Please hand wash only.

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  • Earthenware Information & Care

    This piece was made by hand in Houston, TX and fired in an electric kiln to over 1800°F.

    It is finished with food-safe glaze but it is NOT microwave safe and we recommend hand-washing this item.

    We recommend using a coaster under vases and pieces with unglazed bottoms when filled with liquid to protect wood surfaces from condensation.


  • Handmade

    **Each piece from OCTceramics began as a lump or slab of clay, and through an 11+ step process of shaping, drying, firing (twice!), and glazing, it became a one-of-a-kind object. There may be variations in shape, size, glaze, finish, and color -- but these are what make it special and remind you that this item was 100% made by hand.** 

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